Potrait of Several Surgeons at an operation table

Perioperative & Clinical Assessments

At SIS, we believe that it is imperative to understand current facility methodology as a foundation to comprehensive, targeted process improvement strategy.

SIS is committed to helping facilities maximize their investment in instruments and equipment by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the clinical perioperative or GI/ Endoscopy areas.

This assessment will target:

  • Instrument/device storage and space utilization
  • Instrument/device management
  • Instrument/device care and handling
  • Instrument/device diagnostic testing, such as insulated instrument integrity testing and flexible endoscope leak testing
  • SPD practices
  • Overview of instrument and device infrastructure

Each section of this assessment focuses on achieving overall goals of process improvement, increased OR/GI efficiencies, and enhanced equipment lifespan.  In addition, initial recommendations related to potential space modifications (if identified) will be noted for discussion.

The SIS perioperative and GI assessments create the foundation for changes that will improve operational efficiencies.  They also help to identify targeted educational programs and competency validations for all team members involved in the use, care, and handling of instruments and devices.

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